Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Honorable Mentions

Photo Credit: Kate Wurtzel
In keeping this blog over the course of this year, I have noticed faint traces of the Heisenberg principle: the closer I try to examine my listening and musical tastes, the more elusive and complicated it becomes. Despite feeling pretty satisfied with my final top 20 list, I still feel like there are a few albums that I would like to acknowledge. If that’s the case, though, why not have a top 30? Or 50?

Well, I struggle enough to keep things brief on this blog without concocting massive lists. I think that 50 is too many. I enjoy checking out lists like this, but even I lose interest and perspective after a fashion. Still, there are a few recordings that did not quite make the cut, probably due to minor inconsistencies. I prefer not to dwell on the negative. Rather, I would like to recognize the strengths of these albums with the understanding that there was just a little something that kept them out of the top twenty.

TV on the RadioNine Types of Light: I still struggle with this one. I would suggest this album without reservation, but, as stated above, it just barely got edged out of the top 20.

BattlesGloss Drop: Battles moves on after the departure of Tyondai Braxton. It’s just not the same, but overall, it’s still an admirable effort.

Metric – Fantasies: This album produced what is probably my favorite single song of the year, the infectious Gimmie Sympathy. For good neo-New Wave power pop, make a stop here.

LiteIlluminate/Turns Red: This collection of EPs also contains a couple of incredible singles that have kept me coming back. Special recognition goes to Lite for a mindblowing SXSW show.

The Budos Band III: Another band with a great live show. If you like one of their songs, you will like all of them (which is sort of their downfall).

Daft Punk - TRON: Legacy Soundtrack:  This one ended up in play from last year's Christmas list.  It got better with age, but still couldn't quite crack the top 20.

I hope that you all have a safe and happy new year. I will be back in January to hit the reset button for the best albums of 2012!  See you on the flip side.....

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