Thursday, June 23, 2011

Six Month Singles for 2011

Short, music-heavy post today.  You are welcome.

One of the many reasons I started this blog was to see if I could really generate a Top Ten Album list that truly reflects my listening interests for the year.  Unbelievably, six months have gone by since I started it up, and I think it stands as a pretty solid document of the year in music for me so far.  With such a meticulous list, however, I can already see that a Top Ten list will be difficult.  I have a short list of albums with some very strong songs, but that perhaps have a few flaws overall that I foresee will keep them off this list for one reason or another.

Although it is the express mission statement of this blog to address the album as the primary unit of musical consumption, some of these songs are just so darned compelling that I feel it would be a disservice to ignore them, so, for your enjoyment, this post features a playlist based on these selections.  Many of them have their own posts about them, so if you are interested in a track but somehow missed out, poke around in the archives.

The albums that these tracks come from will come back in the player in the Fall, so they may make a comeback after some time has passed.  For now, enjoy the tunes, and thanks for commenting and passing them on.

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